Mahendra Trivedi’s cardio-circulatory system suggesting the absence of aging process as demonstrated in the results of Arterial Pulse Wave Analysis testing performed by Dr. John Levin.
Mahendra Trivedi owes a very unique physiology that was evaluated by Dr. Shailendra Patil (Rudra Hospital & Critical Care Centre, Nashik) for the purpose of a functional and structural examination and did not present any symptoms.
Alice Branton, has always been a very hardworking and dedicated mother and CEO of Trivedi Global Inc.In the year 2013, Alice Branton became a Trivedi Master™.
Collaborations with scientists and researchers from various fields, Mahendra Trivedi has surprised the complete worldwide with the various ranges of information by sustaining his remarkable ability through scientific demonstrations and measurements.
There have been various observations presented in Oncology reports, based on the oncology research that was conducted to test the impact of The Trivedi Effect®.
When Dahryn Trivedi 21 years, she launched her own company, featuring Dahryn Silver Gel™, an energy infused skin care product. Dahryn Skin Care™ beauty product, Dahryn Silver Gel brings a varied variety of benefits to your skin.
Alice Branton is very intelligent that she exactly knows what you require to transform the direction of your diverted life and the how to bring the good fortunes back into your life.
Trivedi Master™ - Dahryn Trivedi gives her valuable thoughts on How to benefit humanity! Dahryn Trivedi believes that success is something that gives us satisfaction but if in pursuit of real success, many people grasp it out as wealth, they think of collecting something that shall make them feel like a very worthy being.